Film workshops for teambuilding and employee bonding

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Employee teambuilding and bonding can be achieved to a high degree in professional film workshops. Film workshops can be extremely helpful to your employees and provide a great backdrop for them to bond and strengthen the bonds in their individual teams. Past workshops have been wholeheartedly recommended by our customers. The following is an overview of successful workshops in the past.


120 employees from sales force and back office together. That made 12 teams á 10 people. Their task: to write a screenplay for 90 seconds in an hour. One week earlier they were briefed about their team members and the topic. So they had time to prepare. Also for thinking about props and requisits.


After writing down their script, our coaches "the great director and the big producer" went to every team. They gave tips and checked if the scripts were realizeable

In the afternoon the workshops started. There were two more, which had been part of the whole event. Every team had to go through every workshop. So there was a thin timetable. Ten minutes for every team. What sounds more or less crazy was straight and absolutly good. All teams made it. There were four departments to chose from: actor, camera, clapper and sound. Everybody got involved. Even the HR manager took over the sound department and the communication manager the making of camera.


At the party that night there was shown a teaser of the day. The premiere of the twelve films was one week later. The costumer wrote: "great mood and the teams were very proud. Thanks for the great commitment of your team. Hats off of your engagement, your enthusiam and the phenomenal flair - not only with the handling of the (many) characters - though the tough timeline!"


What else could we say? What a great day it was also for us, we had so much fun and pleasure. The project Oscar for 2018.

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