Film workshops for teambuilding and employee bonding

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Employee teambuilding and bonding can be achieved to a high degree in professional film workshops. Such workshops can provide a meaningful backdrop for employees to bond and strengthen team relationships. The following is an overview of a successful workshop that is wholeheartedly recommended by a customer.


A total of 120 field and office employees from a company sales department were divided into 12 teams of 10 persons each. Participants were briefed a week in advance to give them some time to be creative and think about scenery and props.


At the beginning of the afternoon workshop, each team had only one hour to turn their ideas into a 90-second screenplay. Our coaches assumed the roles of producer and director. The highly ambitious workshop agenda gave the team only ten minutes to turn their screenplay into a film, yet every team completed the task successfully!

Participants were able to choose their individual roles as actors, cinematographers, clappers or sound assistants. Everyone was involved in an important way. A personnel manager acted as a sound assistant. A communications manager did his best in the role of cinematographer.


A teaser trailer was presented at the evening party on the same day as the workshop, and the twelve films were presented a week later.


“Hats off to the coaches and the workshop organizers. Our employees were extremely proud to be a part of such a successful workshop.”

—Customer review

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